Hotwright offers the Hotstate state machine as open-source hardware in the form of SystemVerilog source code files.

Steve is the CEO, President, and CTO of Hotwright Inc.

  • The mission of Hotwright Inc is to bring long term strategic leadership to reconfigurable computing. The Hotstate machine is the first foundational piece of hardware object technology which will pack more software into hardware in the battle against Amdahl’s Law for accelerator supremacy
  • Steve Casselman invented reconfigurable computing in 1987 when he won his first SBIR contract to build a supercomputer out of FPGAs
  • Steve has been a founder and C level executive for over 25 years
  • Steve helped raise $12 million for DRC Computer and oversaw DRC’s acquisition by its largest customer
  • As founder and CEO of Virtual Computer Corporation Steve patented:
  • FPGA + CPU in the processor socket
  • runtime generation of bitstreams
  • distributed reconfigurable computer
  • 14 patents all in reconfigurable computing
  • Xilinx OEMed the VCC PCI board
  • Founder and CTO of DRC Computer Steve got Cray to OEM DRC equipment.
  • Steve has been on many international IEEE and ACM conference program committees:
  • Steve is an advisor to the Open Cloud Testbed

Hotwright Inc.

Beaverton, Oregon 97008

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